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Reiki The Hague

Reiki is a simple, natural and practical healing technique to relax and balance body and soul. A direct hands-on approach is often used to lead energy to the desired place.

Reiki works as a stress reducer and since stress is an important factor in many diseases, Reiki can be helpful with numerous complaints and ailments.

The concept of Reiki comes from Japan. It actually consists of two components: Rei (spiritual, sacred) and ki (life force, life energy). Reiki applies this omnipresent universal energy.

Actually Reiki has been around for thousands of years, but the technique as we know it today was rediscovered in the early 20th century. It is developed by the Japanese Mikao Usui as a method to reconnect man with his own spirituality. By way of Hawaii the Reiki technique, pervaded with Japanese influences, reached the West where it acquired more worldly characteristics. From America, Reiki spread all over the world to finally return to Japan in a modified form.

Reiki  The Hague

Reiki degrees

Reiki is one of the presently available instruments to take both the Earth as a whole and us as individuals to a higher level of existence. More and more people are learning to use this power to bring more harmony into their own lives. With a higher personal frequency you are better able to face the many changes currently taking place on Earth.

Everyone can ‘learn’ Reiki. The ability to receive and pass on energy is innate in everyone, although in order to activate the process an attunement, or initiation, is needed. To attain this, one has to be initiated by a Reiki master.

Reiki will cause blocked energy in the initiate to flow again, regardless of the level on which it is stuck. Every human being creates blockages during his life. Often this happens subconsciously. Some blockages are already caused at a young age, partly due to the surroundings. It keeps us from realizing our highest potential and diminishes our joy in living. Letting go of these blockages can have different results:
Sometimes signs of detoxification occur, as the body starts draining its waste products at a higher rate. It is possible that your dreams will begin to become more intense (sometimes about past lives) or that old matters or memories will suddenly resurface again. Negative emotions or mental patterns may kick up, as well as unprocessed past events. All this only happens to help you let go of what no longer works for you or suits you. You may release all things that limit your further growth, that are outdated and no longer useful. The final result is always a positive one and to work with Reiki is a joyful experience for everyone involved, giver and receiver alike.
Trust is the keyword and loving yourself unconditionally is the most important lesson we all have to learn.

There are three degrees of initiation. These degrees will be explained below.

reiki I

Reiki I is meant for self healing, but also enables you to pass on healing energy to others, including animals and plants, with a direct hands-on approach.

reiki II

Reiki II enlarges the amount of energy flowing through your body and your hands, but is concentrated on the emotional and mental level of the receiver. It also addresses the karma of the initiate. With the symbols you receive at Reiki II, you can also heal at a distance and transcend time and space. It is possible to send healing energy to past events as well as future ones.

reiki III

Reiki III is the master’s and teacher’s degree. This last level usually is only taken by those who want to give Reiki an important place in their lives and who are feeling called to pass the Reiki power on to other people.


reiki treatment in the studio

During a Reiki treatment in the studio the client lies fully clothed on the massage table and the practitioner places his or her hands successively on the appropriate places. The treatment lasts about one hour, deeply relaxes mind and body and will encourage the energy flow in the body to full potential, so possible blockages can be released. It is advisable to drink plenty of water afterwards to help the body release its waste products.

distant healing

It is possible to be treated with Reiki remotely. When, due to circumstances, you are not able to be personally present, Reiki also works from a distance, because it transcends time and space. For this a recent picture is needed and an agreed-upon time to be kept available in order to receive the healing.


To become initiated in Reiki nothing more than a strong desire to receive the initiation and the wish to work with Reiki is necessary. Initiations always take place in one day, usually on a Sunday, with a morning/afternoon follow-up session after some weeks.

Appointment and costs

Please feel free to contact me for further information or to make an appointment for a Reiki treatment or for an initiation.

Costs treatments

Reiki treatment€ 57,50
Distant healing€ 57,50

Costs initiations

Reiki I€ 175,00
Reiki II€ 225,00