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Yoga Nidra

Yoga Nidra The Hague

Yoga nidra is a special form of yoga where, in a lying position, all senses are gradually withdrawn, which leads to a heightened state of awareness.
Nidra means sleep and in yoga nidra it does seem as if one is asleep. However it is the body that rests, whereas the mind stays completely observant and is extraordinary receptive. Yoga nidra could be called a sort of lying down meditation.

Yoga Nidra The Hague

Especially with regular practice yoga nidra will become more meaningful to you and you will be able to make the most of the many advantages yoga nidra has to offer:

  • deep relaxation of mind and body
  • deeper concentrationrelease of chronic stress
  • dissolving of sleeping problems
  • dissolving of trauma
  • transcendence of anxiety, fear, anger and feelings of depression
  • more harmony in daily life and relationships
  • deepening of meditation practices

On a deeper level yoga nidra leads to our True Nature, the centre of Being and it is a means of spiritual transformation on our way to Self-realisation.

On a regular basis there are gatherings dedicated to yoga nidra in the studio. These gatherings are ideal if you want to get acquainted with yoga nidra or if you just want to experience yoga nidra more often. Yoga nidra is suitable for everyone and can be practised by anyone.

Yoga Nidra Den Haag / The Hague


The dates for the yoga nidra The Hague sessions can be found under events.



Per session€ 15,00